Monday, April 08, 2024





Looking up, in the pockmarked morning light

Raven black parachutes take flight, 

Their silken heartstrings taut,

To billow, then suddenly fill, before

Catching an onshore breeze

Across the Philistine sea, the Syrian sea,

Then drifting slowly, ever slowly, down, down

From the blue, blue skies,

Towards Adamah: to resuscitate, 

To commiserate; to compensate;

Or like me, too late, to improvise.


Watching, waiting, baiting

Kach vultures, gyps kahane, salivating

Hover, spreadeagled haut;

No longer concealed, or poisoned.

The secret nakam cabals, brought

In a vortex of morbid descent,

Wind within wind, Hate within Hate, 

The Hell circles of Dante’s fate.

From the blue, blue skies. 

They dip wings in the salt sea brine,

Then eviscerate,

Sightless children’s eyes.


Revenge, retribution, punishment, 

The Song of Moses and the psalmist King:


An ending as old as Time.


Time is weary though, 

Of a rendered past, present and future:

A putrid creature

As old as Time.


A blood libel some profane,

Or blood lust more maintain, 

The Eretz response

To Amalek’s bursting forth from the ghetto,

Defiling, dismembering the female deity;

Dinah, Shekhinah, the maidens of Kfar Aza, 

And all our humanity.



A Biblical reprise, 

From the blue, blue skies

Masked butcher shrikes 

And whining drones

With David’s song, in their hearts,

Impale equal innocents of Abraham’s flock,

On the thorns and exposed steel 

Of Gaza’s insanity.

A chorus of a high-pitched squeal,

And our lost humanity.


All is fallow there now, razed within. 

Philistia’s ground levelled with glycerin,

And the caterpillar tracks of tanks.

Where once an Ottoman Sultan’s whim,

Turgha, did dictate,

The Knesset will imitate,

And not hesitate, 

To steal more land from before time,

The end of Time.

To then settle there, a vultures’ roost

On dead olive trees.

Sunday, October 01, 2023


 1st October 2023Today was a day in the west of Ireland when overnight with the passing of an Atlantic storm the light went from opaque to absolute clarity, the atmosphere from cold to warmth, the landscape from battered to proud, the will from quiet resignation to exuberance.


Roundstone - Cloch na Rón or Seal's Rock

Stairway to the Hag

Girl and Wave

Ancient boundary

Huge Hare ....  briefly!

No "end" in sight!

Sand Lines

Monday, May 29, 2023



The avenue towards the old Quadrangle of newly rebranded University of Galway 
( from NUIG – National University of Ireland Galway)

Salmon Cast

Dublin at Dusk

Fishing at Galway Salmon weir

Fishing at Galway Salmon weir.

Heron flight


Ghosts of Spring

Ribwort Plantain hues.

Seashore frolics

Glades 1

Glades 2

The bog Iris this year have been extraordinary in their numbers.

Awaiting a return from the sea. Rock at art at Blackrock, Salthill, Galway.
Reminds me of a statute expressing similar sentiment in Urk, The Netherlands.

Wild Garlic