Wednesday, December 02, 2020



The Christmas card above depicts the annual pilgrimage of all Connemara sailors; and their traditional engineless sailing boats known as the Galway Hookers (huicéir in Irish, the name thought to be derived from the similarity constructed 16th century Dutch coastal "hook and line" fishing boats, the Hoekers), on the 16th July every year  – weather permitting –  to St Sinach's 10th century oratory on Oileán Mhic Dara (Island of St Sinach MacDara) off Carna in South Connemara; to celebrate mass.

Speaking of pilgrimages I wish most for all of us is that we find a sense of forgiveness perhaps but more importantly a sense of peace within which we can reach out, back or forward to someone, for whatever reason, we have left drift from our lives.

I also hope that the scourge of Covid will at last be contained in 2021 and we can renew the friendships that matter.