Monday, September 21, 2009

The Lisbon Treaty– An Inferior Monologue

The Last Lines of James Joyce's Ulysses

Friday 2nd October 2009

…oh yes to continue before 'Bertie' Athene’s sparrow sitting high in the rafters spoils suitors’ darts let me bring an end to my wantonness concerning the forthcoming parley on the Lisbon Treaty and yes deny ‘Blazes’ Ganley and other lesser and yes more selfish lovers of their opportunistic ride of Erin’s Bloom for yes surely it is a bull of an ideal personified by and strangely yes in a stage-managed way also by the physicality or yes the lack of it of ‘Poldy’ Barroso and yes I will put my arms around him and hear his heart go ‘mad’ for he will say yes it is federalist yes it creates concerns about Irish neutrality if we were ever neutral in anything yes it does embrace a common foreign policy yes by Zeus it is an abrogation of Europa's will yet yes I will announce him home light the fires and wash the dirt-slung away because yes it is the best of perfumed intentions yes the best of possible outcomes but paramount it is a consolidation of our love and thus

yes I said yes I will Yes.’

A version of this blog was published in the Irish Medical Times on the 2nd October 2009, the date of the referendum. Thankfully the majority of the Irish electorate voted 'Yes'. Now for 'Poldy' Barrosa get the Czech and Polish governments to complete the ratification.

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